October 26, 2019

Apprehension or Inspiration: How Do You Approach New Article Content?

writing desk

All writers experience a little bit of both, (apprehension and inspiration) from time to time. Writers wouldn’t be human if they were not apprehensive every now and then; it’s indeed natural to experience uncertainty about your writing throughout your writing adventures, projects and achievements.

Did you know that apprehension brings forth growth to writers just as inspiration does? Learning various ways to getting over the apprehension and going forward with your writing is the key to your success.

writingapprehensionThe most influential attitude to have is to keep at it! Don’t ever put that writing pen down or escape from your keyboard no matter how apprehensive you are! I have found out the longer you go WITHOUT writing the harder it is to start up again.

Do I myself, ever feel the emotion of apprehension when I think of writing?

You bet! I’ll be the first to raise my hand.

New content for your site is crucial to your home business and websites. I am about to share with you some ideas to experience “inspiration” more often whenever you’re writing. And guess what? These ideas are easy peasy!

1. Sit down and write a string of article titles. Don’t spend too much time on how they sound. Just spend time writing titles. Do you have an excellent idea for a new article? Bring that idea forward and create titles for these ideas. Then come back later (the next day is always an ideal time) and read them. I promise you; you’ll have a new perspective on them.

2. Visit your favorite coffee shop and take your laptop or iPad along with you. Then after ordering your favorite beverage, sit and just observe and listen to conversations. This is always an excellent exercise when experiencing apprehension or writer’s block. You WILL discover a world of new writing ideas.

3. An excellent way to get over writing pressure is to spend some time on the social medias. What are your friends and business associates posting and chatting about? Do they offer new twists and perspectives on current events and issues? Make it a habit and visit your follower’s websites and blogs. As a budding writer, you will most benefit from following people who are freelance and ghostwriters. Pay close attention to what they post and ask yourself, “Will this information benefit me?”

4. Post about any and all your achievements and successes on your blogs, websites and social medias. Once people get used to seeing your credentials, they will be more inclined to order your freelance writing services. Then once you get a few client’s testimonials on your freelance site; that will give you more inspiration to write.

5. Be on the look out for any free writing tutorials, (on writer’s block and inspiration would be ideal). If you have an Ipad or a Kindle, many tutorials you will find are absolutely free to download.

The most important key element on gaining more inspiration for your freelance writing is to carefully carve out time daily to write; even though you may not feel like it. Do it! Keep doing it!

Peter Nyiri