Content Creation for Affiliate Sites

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Content is the main element of affiliate sites. Once you start your site, you will need to continue writing blog posts and build links.

In today’s saturated internet, you need to be prepared to write thorough reviews, which means several thousand words per article.

If you want to know what it takes, I recommend that you take a look at this blog case study on Adsense.

Niche Authority Sites

What Do You Mean When You Say Authority Site?

So for the sake of simplicity, an authority site is something which covers multiple sub-niches within the same broader niche.

This is in contrast with a narrower “niche site” that might focus on a smaller topic.

Niche site: Best skateboard trucks

Authority site: Everything to do with skateboarding

Niche site: Best activities as a tourist in Bangkok

Authority site: Everything about Bangkok

I think where most people make a mistake is thinking that they need to choose one or the other. How do you think an authority site is created? It starts out with 1 or 2 sub-niches and then over time more content is added.

And even if you don’t want to build a huge authority site with a massive following of loyal fans…you still need to keep adding content to a niche site to keep it fresh.

So in many ways they are the same thing, an authority site is just larger.

A niche site is an authority site that hasn’t added enough content yet.

Creating That Authority Site

Now, you can still start out with plans to build an authority site from the get go.

To do this, here is how I recommend you go about it.

  • Research as many keywords as you can in the niche. Follow these posts (here and here) to get the best understanding of the process as you can. Essentially you want to make sure you have uncovered dozens of subtopics and every keyword for each of those topics.
  • By then, you pretty much have enough keywords researched to last you a lifetime. Make sure you’ve organized them well into subtopics.
  • Next, pick 2-3 of these sub-niches and start creating content for them. You’ll want to hit the ground running and aim for at least 50,000 words over 50 articles. You’re not going to create this overnight so feel free to add content over time as it’s done. Make sure to use the best copywriting tools to write error free content and improve your piece.
  • The point here is to focus on content in a batch and once that’s all sorted and you’ve got a couple of sub-niches comprehensively covered, then you can move on to all the SEO work and start getting backlinks. You can of course start that much sooner, such as once you’ve got 20,000 words of content, but initially your focus should just be on busting out that first 50k words.
  • Google will start ranking you automatically by this point too, which will make it easier to get results when you do start link building.

Peter Nyiri