October 24, 2019

Branding And Logos


Branding is a synonym of quality. It conveys a certain level of trust. Just think about the clothes you are wearing. If you buy a pair of Nike shoes, you know what quality you will get.

Google loves brands and places them higher in their search results. One reason is the trust level – trusted websites get ranked higher. The other reason is lack of spam – if someone owns a brand, they are very unlikely to mess it up with spam. You don’t get any spam from Apple, do you?

Name Recognition

Brands also carry a certain name recognition. There is a certain concept that comes into everyone’s mind when you mention a brand. This works for things other than products or services though. Just think about what comes in your mind when you hear the word Florida. You immediately think about sunshine, good weather, ocean, vacation. The Sunshine State. This becomes a standard solution when someone thinks about taking a vacation.

Now think about your niche for a moment. What is the site that has similar name recognition? The one that everyone knows? Branded websites also carry authority and a link from them can boost your search ranking.

This is what you need to achieve with your website. You need to brand it to get maximum benefits.


In the era of multimedia like television and internet and the competitive gap between companies getting smaller and smaller, image is everything. On the internet for instance a company is almost completely presented by graphics and texts.

The performance of a product or service is no longer the only most important thing. The Look & Feel and the image of using and being seen with your product or service is just as important. For this reasons (and for some people a lot more reasons), the logo of a company and its overall branding is very much important.

By buying for example a car you’re not just buying the car and its performance and luxurious interior, you also buy yourself an image created by good branding of marketers and of course designers.

Getting the right logo ideas for your business is vital, but unfortunately not always easy.

These days a company without clear and clean branding won’t last as long as it didn’t possess these elements.

  • What makes a ‘good’ logo?
  • What colors are best to be used?
  • Should a logo be really simple or are there any hidden values in logo design?

Example: Coca-Cola

the_bottleThe Coca-Cola script was designed by an amateur, Frank Robinson, the fledgling company’s bookkeeper. He devised both the Spencerian script and the brilliantly concise words beneath: “Delicious and Refreshing” in 1886.

The bottle is among the most recognizable icons in the world, a design that has come to symbolize the youthful exuberance of America. Countless variations have been released over the decades, but the enduring classic is the curved vessel designed by the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, and introduced in 1915.

A Coca-Cola dispenser was later designed by Raymond Loewy.

Peter Nyiri