Discover Why The Tale of Prince Google is Not Limited to Fairy Tales in 2021

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Once upon a time, there was a kind prince named Google. Bloggers delivered him amazing presents in the form of tribute. There were rumors that he was the Google god, after all.

Bloggers delivered Prince Google rich treasures in the form of blog posts. The blog posts helped Prince Google’s people, the search engine users. Bloggers were handsomely rewarded for these gifts in the form of search engine traffic.

Over time, Prince Google became dissatisfied. He became more and more demanding.

Bloggers, ever fearful, made their gifts richer. Their thousand-word blog posts became 3000. Prince Google still was not satisfied.

Bloggers quaked and added videos, images, infographics, and tables with data. Prince Google continued to want more and more. “Beat the competition,” he bellowed.

The bloggers resorted to getting special tools like the MozBar and spent time learning how to get into MozBar. Naturally, video-making tools like Video Instasize soon followed.

Then Prince Google became really cross. He only implied what his demands were. Did social shares even matter to this now ambiguous ruler? Despite the disadvantages of Instagram, bloggers promoted on Instagram and other social share sites. They even promoted on obscure social share sites like MeWe social media.

Prince Google continued his vague demands. He now spoke in acronyms. “Meet the E-A-T criteria,” he shouted. Over time, Prince Google kept screaming, “More, more.”

One rebellion occurred. “Prince Google, we have done what you ask. We want our blog traffic now. We are tired of waiting.”

Prince Google sneered. “How does it feel to want?”

He snickered. “Blog traffic requires longevity. I give traffic to older blogs. Didn’t you read the fine print? Blogging takes patience.”

Wrapping Up

Did Prince Google and the Bloggers live happily ever after?

Prince Google continued his demand for power. Today, Prince Google is a great king. People speculate he is indeed the feared Google god after all.

As for the bloggers, they continue to please the Google god. Today, the bloggers continue to serve the Google God as his slaves.

Will there be an end to King Google’s rise to power and the bloggers’ never-ending quest to please him?

Not as long as people need search engines, this story is not limited to fairy tales.

This post first appeared on in May 2021 under the title “The Tale of Prince Google.”

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