October 12, 2021

How to Use Transformation Tuesday Motivation to Give Your Blog a Makeover

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transformation Tuesday motivation

Did you know today is transformation Tuesday motivation?

In honor of this hashtag #transformationTuesdaymotivation, let’s examine how to give your blog or website a makeover for better success.


I spent the summer learning new video editing tools.

  • InShot
  • Splice
  • Instasize
  • Canva
  • Lumen5

Are some of my favorites.

In line with transformation Tuesday motivation, here are guides so you can learn these video editors as well:

Instasize video

Splice App tutorial


The MozBar is a keyword research tool that will help you do competitive analysis. The MozBar is a free browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. Here are instructions: SEO Toolbar by Moz.

SERPRobot is helpful after you publish. If you want to know what keywords are needing updating, SERPRobot tells you 5 keywords at a time. Here is a guide to SERPRobot.


Are you familiar with Trello? Trello gives you boards like electronic file cabinets that all members of your team can access. Here are instructions for using Trello extensions to boost the functions of your Trello boards.

Are you enjoying Transformation Tuesday Motivation so far?

Social Media

Spruce up your website using Pinterest video downloader methods.

In honor of Transformation Tuesday Motivation, you should try to be more respectful on social media. If you don’t, you can find yourself banned from both Facebook and Instagram.

Here is information explaining how to get out of Facebook Jail.

This guide will tell you how to avoid an Instagram shadowban, the penalty when you are banned from Instagram.

One way to avoid the Instagram ban is to avoid using inappropriate hashtags. More information on blogger hashtags can be found here.

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Social Media Engagement

One way to get attention and engage on social media is with an unusual font.

This guide will tell you how to use crazy text.

This tutorial explains how to use cursed text specifically.

Wrapping Up: Transformation Tuesday Motivation

I hope you enjoyed Transformation Tuesday Motivation. Use these tips to boost your blog success on and off your blog.

Janice Wald