August 11, 2020

7 Obscure Social Media Sites

obscure social media

Obscure social media sites.

Why would you need them?

Why would you need anything obscure?

Why would little-know websites be helpful?


Being a proverbial “little fish” in a “big pond” is tiresome.

You swim around and around hoping to get attention, but there are so many other fish there, no one interested in fishing notices you.

On social media sites, people fish for attention.

With so much competition, standing out is next to impossible.

Obscure social media sites to the rescue!

On obscure social media sites, you still get the benefit of mainstream social media sites:

  • Network with like-minded thinkers.
  • Network with like-minded content creators
  • Learn from content created on those sites.
  • Promote your content to boost your brand and traffic.
  • Make money.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how to do all these things on obscure social media sites.

You may have never heard of these sites, but they still hold all the benefits of mainstream social media sites.

Let’s get started learning about obscure social media websites.



Are you interested in personal growth? If so, Huddol is for you.

Huddol has personal growth groups for anyone desiring growth.

For instance, Huddol has groups for people coping with anxiety, eating disorders, loneliness, and illness just to name a few emotional conditions people might seek comfort for at Huddol.

When the Coronavirus pandemic struck, I went into Huddol wondering if there was a support group for people anxious about the virus. As it turned out, there are MANY support groups for people concerned about the virus.

Huddol’s tagline is “Be the Strong You.”

The site has professional therapists.

Huddol doesn’t just help you with emotional stress. I joined a group for people wanting business skills enhanced.

The next day, the CEO of the site emailed me personally offering me tips.


For more information about Huddol see this Huddol tutorial.


Before I begin, let me say I do not recommend Parler. This post is a guide to obscure social media sites. Not many people have heard of Parler, and it is a social media site, so I am including it here.

According to Wikipedia, Parler is full of antisemitism. In other words, they have content containing hatred toward Jewish people.

Parler is considered a right-wing, politically conservative social media site.

I have not been to Parler, but from what I read, there are many Trump supporters there.

The site calls itself “the free speech social network.”

The website insists it doesn’t censure content and will never sell your data.



Tumblr is a microblogging site.

You’ll find many posts with short content. For instance, you’ll often find quotes and fan content on Tumblr.

Note: This post is a guide to obscure social media websites, not necessarily new social media websites. Tumblr has been around a while, but I feel like it already reached its peak in popularity.

Several years ago, Tumblr banned its “mature” content. Immediately thereafter, Tumblr was sold for a low price.

I went into Tumblr in 2019 and found it pretty active. I returned in 2020, couldn’t find the fan content I was so used to seeing and never returned.

For more information about Tumblr see this post about how to gain Tumblr followers.



Webtoon is a social media site for artists. For example, cartoonists place their sketches on Webtoon.

It gets more interesting: People pay the artists on the site for their content.

Maybe you’ve heard of Patreon, the site where content creators have patrons. Webtoon is similar except it’s just for artists.

For more information about Webtoon see this article about how to make money on social media sites.


If you are looking for a fun site with an active, engaged community, Virily may be for you.

You can post all kinds of content, you don’t need to write articles. You can post quizzes, videos, and blog posts just to name three of the kinds of content you’ll find at Virily.

The best part about Virily: You get paid for activity. You get paid for your activity and the activity others take in regards to your content such as visiting and commenting.

The catch: Your content must be original.

The currency is called “virils.”

Virily is a revenue-sharing site. The website shares its ad revenue with you.


For more information about Virily, see this Virily review.


Steemit is a revenue-sharing site like Virily.

Like Virily, Steemit has a thriving, engaged community.

Steemit pays you for activity in Cryptocurrency called “steem.”

Groups exist on Facebook and Discord, just to name a few, in which people collaborate to help each other to boost their income.

In contrast to Virily, the content on Steemit does not have to be original.


For more information about Steemit see how to make money on Steemit.


For years, politicians have maintained Facebook has no competition. Therefore, due to a law in the U.S. Constitution, Facebook must break up and sell its parts to its competitors.

However, MeWe’s Mark Weinstein insists MeWe is a rival for Facebook. MeWe is known as the “anti-Facebook.”

MeWe has all of Facebook’s features: Groups, networking, DMs, and emojis. You can upload text and videos. Instead of Facebook friends, you have MeWe connections.

There is one important additional feature MeWe has that Facebook doesn’t: MeWe insists that, unlike Facebook, it will never sell your data. In fact, MeWe’s tagline is #Not4Sale.”


More information about MeWe and a tutorial can be found here: MeWe Review.


Wrapping Up: Obscure Social Media Sites

In closing, this post offered brief reviews of seven social media sites. Since they are obscure social media sites, they might be sites you’re interested in visiting and communities you are interested in getting to know.

All these sites are free to join.

Readers, please share so people looking for new, more obscure social media sites learn about these communities.


Janice Wald