January 6, 2020

Killer Strategies of Sealing Deals Sales Executives Should Follow

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Sealing the deal marks the success of the sales skills of an executive. However, it is only easier said than done. The sales executives make great effort to ensure smooth sealing of their deals and still face several issues. Sometimes, they are unable to satisfy the clients with their explanations, and at other times, the clients do not give them enough time to explain.

The success of the sales team or department of an organization sets the criteria for its success. Therefore, the companies put a great effort into ensuring this success through different means. The UAE enjoys a significant position in the sales market of the world. However, it is also facing a few challenges due to the increased competition in the world.

Several business corporations are hiring the services of companies providing employees training and ensuring the sound development of the sales skills of their teams. They ensure the fact that their sales teams do not lack in starting and finalizing the deals to secure their profit. Often, employee engagement, in addition to sales training, is the key thing to create a sales team that will do awesome job and finalize the deals successfully.

This article will discuss some killer strategies sales executives can follow to seal the deals successfully.

shake hands

Top 5 Killer Strategies of Sealing Deals for Sales Executives

The sale is a fundamental part of any business organization which has the burden of ensuring the profit of the organization. The sales teams have to be very careful in their dealings and presentation to secure maximum profit. However, the sales executives often miss a few critical points which make them lose the deals instead of securing them.

The following are the top killer strategies of sealing the deals successfully, which can provide significant benefits to the sales executives.

Focus on Non-Verbal Communication

It is often said that communication is the key to success. However, nobody focuses on the point that non-verbal communication is included in it. Research reveals that 93% of communication is based on non-verbal usage. So, the sales executives need to pay special attention to it.

Do not just memorize the content of your presentation but also focus on the use of gestures, promote confidence through your impressions, and communicate affirmation through your postures.

Choose your First Words Wisely

Human beings have the habit of judging a book by its cover, and they do so even after denying it. This happens with the sales executives as well, as the potential client’s judge the executives from the first few words of their presentation or conversation and make their minds which impact their final decision.

So, the sales executives need to choose the first words of their presentation and general conversation quite wisely. They should leave a lasting impression on the clients, which will ultimately help them seal the deal successfully.

Remember to Name the Client

Being called by their names or titles instill a sense of acknowledgment among human beings. They feel being valued and heard. This is one of the most important strategies of getting the attention of potential clients and impressing them, which sales executives can easily follow.

Remember the name of your client and address them with it, of course, by taking permission. It will give them the impression that you remember their needs, requirements, and expectations from the deal, which will be fulfilled.

Be Well Prepared

The basic killer strategy of ensuring the success of their deals for the sales executives is to be well prepared for it. It does not mean just the content of the presentation or the detailed information of the product or service. They need to focus on their appearance as well and avoid being hasty.

So, before attending a meeting with a client, make sure you look presentable. It includes what you are wearing, the freshness of your face, as well as the fact that your hair is well settled. In the case of male members, they need to check their shave, and women should apply a little makeup to look fresh and confident.

Manage your Body Language

Body language has the magnetic ability to attract or repelling people. It communicates the positive and negative energies which make people develop lasting impressions on each other. I am sure no sales executive wants to create a bad impression on some potential clients.

So, manage your body language properly. Do not hesitate to shake the hands of your clients. Keep a smile on your face and make eye contact with them to communicate confidence and positive energy. It will surely make sealing the deal easier.

Does your sales team lack such strategies?

Only reading this will not enable them to remember and include these strategies in their sales dealings essentially. You need to take some concrete steps so that they acknowledge its importance and incorporate it into their dealings.

You can hire the services of companies providing sales training in Dubai and ensure sound skill development of your sales team. You can also ensure that they learn even the smallest but crucial points about communication and negotiation.

Dubai expo is right ahead of the corner, which will bring huge progress opportunities for your business. Ensure the training of your sales teams to get the most out of this and reap the benefits.

Peter Nyiri