May 7, 2022

Sunday Social Media Post: 10 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Content

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This Sunday Social Media Post will explain whether Sunday is a good day to post on social media.

By reading this post, you will find that Sunday is the worst day to post on social media sites. You will also receive information that helped me boost my top social media posts on my blog. By the time you are done reading, you can too.

I bring you Sunday Shares!

This article will review my top posts through almost the second Sunday in May 2022. Surprisingly, they are all about social media.

First, if you want to post on social media, research shows Sunday is the worst day to post on social media.

Therefore, if you have an idea to make a social media Sunday post, don’t do it. This makes sense, after all, since Christians are in church on Sunday mornings.

Strangely, some YouTubers in Reddit communities claim Sunday morning is helpful for their growth.

In contrast, according to the social media company Later, the best days to post are mid-week mornings like Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 am. This makes sense since children are in school and parents have returned from dropping them off.

Whenever you decide to post, use these Instagram post generators to give you ideas for any social media site:

Social Media Sunday Post: Top Social Media Posts

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1. How to Get Out of Facebook Jail: Interestingly enough the video version of the post is generating traction from a concerned community and not trolls like previously. Here is the post:
Here is a link to the video if you want to read the recent constructive comments:

2. MeWe Reviews
Although once considered a goner in terms of ranking and the resulting traffic this review of the MeWe social media site brings in 11% of my blog traffic.

3. Pinterest Downloader
Happily, this tutorial just returned to Page 1 of the Search Engine Results Pages. Now, I need to keep it there! It ranks for the keyword Pinterest video downloader. Check it out if you want free Pinterest videos and images:

4. TikTok MP3 Download
Isn’t it great you can download free TikTok videos legally and ethically? You won’t even have the TikTok watermark. Check out how if you like TikTok music, and who doesn’t?

5. Meme Generators
The post, once a member of my Top 3 traffic performers, now ranks at Number 5. If you are interested in making free memes, check out these meme generator tools:

6. PosterMyWall Review
I had no idea just how popular the PosterMyWall graphic design tool is until I reviewed it.

7. Reddit SubReddit Reviews
This post is an expert interview reviewing popular subreddits. If you want to use Reddit, read these reviews:

8. Free Social Networking Sites
Although I have reviews of specific social media sites like MeWe, this post reviews sites that let you chat with other social media members. This post which helps networking is perfect for a Sunday Social Media Post:

9. YouTube Shorts Downloader
Do you want free short videos? Download them legally and ethically with these downloader tips

10. Pros and Cons of Instagram
I like Instagram. I get to share my Sunday social media post and read others’ posts that I’m interested in. Although the post clearly has disadvantages of Instagram, I updated the post with new advantages:

Predictions for Future Sunday Social Media Post Rankings

My prediction for a Sunday Social Media Post that will move up in the rankings:

Cursed Text Generator
With Halloween getting closer, people are asking me to make a video with better instructions for a creepy text generator. When I do, I’ll put it in the post. This update should boost its rankings:

Wrapping Up: Sunday Social Media Post

By reading this post, you got an overview of what social media content can help you step up your social media game.

As far as the graphic design tool and creepy text, you put those on social media, so they also are relevant.

Happy Social Media Sunday! Now go make your own Sunday Social Media Post!

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