October 26, 2019

Work At Home Writing Jobs – An Organized Place In Your Home For Writing

pen with ink

Work at home writing jobs and projects sure can suffer when your work space is in a disarray. Does clutter seem to congregate upon your desk every week; or every DAY? I’m certainly one that does not judge! My desk is not tidy each and every day. For me, when my work area is not tidy and organized, that just adds to my ADD ; and leads to a great deal of unproductiveness! In addition, a messy desk derails my focus in a very negative way. I just don’t do well when clutter is a part of my day.

In a nutshell, when my home office desk is in order, I have much more focus, and I certainly get more done. I’ve discovered a few tips that have helped me a great deal. You’re in luck, as I am sharing those with you today.

#1 When I open up mail, I try my best not to let it pile up on me. Instead I try to put it in its place, or I pitch it. Simple…I try not to keep piles of useless paper on my desk. Now, sometimes I have to admit, I’m at fault with this attempt. Mail can pile up so fast on us, and we all know about 75% of that is trash.

#2 When I start my work at home writing jobs for the day, it helps tremendously if my work space is nice and well ordered in the early morning. This in itself helps me out two-fold. Now, YOU may be totally opposite. Clutter may not bother you? Everyone is different. So, what I do is take a few minutes before heading off to bed to tidy up, wipe off and organize just a bit. It makes a world of difference.

#3 It also helps to keep items on my computer organized and neat. I’m now keeping my folders on my desktop organized. For example…I have folders for my writing clients and their writing guidelines right there handy on my screen. I do need to do a little more of this so that EVERYTHING on my computer is where it’s supposed to be, more practical and efficient for my productivity.

#4 A big calendar is a must for my desk! You know those big ones that have big spaces for each day of the week; those are the ones for me. I make many notes every single evening to stay on top of the many elements of my freelance writing home business. I HAVE to do this, or else, well…it probably wouldn’t all get done. lol. Sometimes not all gets done anyway. However, you know what? That’s perfectly OK. If you beat yourself up for all the little things that don’t get done, you will get over-stressed. If you get too stressed, then you’re not doing your business any good whatsoever! Make notes and check them off as they get done.

#5 My freelance writing jobs and tasks goes much more smoothly when everything is tucked away in its proper place. It’s just not motivating at all to look at a cluttered desk and see stacks of paper, notes everywhere, and everything in chaos all day. Yes, I have done it! I’m just so much more productive and feel so much better if things are just NEAT!

#6 I’m finding Evernote to be a great tool for less mess and stress. I can do most all my freelance gigs right there. It always saves and syncs everything; from list of goals and anything else that I create. For example, I’m currently working on an eBook, and most of that content is in Evernote. Once you try it, you’ll use it for a lot of things. I love it! I created this blog post in Evernote.

#7 I have found that loading lots of documents that I need (that take up way too much space on my hard drive) on rewritable disks. I load them up and mark them with a permanent black marker. I could be a “real’ neat freak and create labels for them, however, time is money. The black markers work just fine.

These are just a few things I do to make my work from home life a little less challenging.

Peter Nyiri