August 14, 2022

Blogging Mental Health: How Bloggers Must Keep Their Mental Health Strong, 2 Helpful Ways

blogging mental health

How is your blogging mental health?

Ryan Biddulph from Blogging in Paradise ( often writes about blogging mental health, but I never have.

So why now? Why the sudden change in blog post content?

What does content marketing mean to you? Is blogging only filled with happy times and joyful thoughts?

By reading this post, you will discover why blogging mental health might suffer, how bloggers play tricks so they don’t have to face the reality of declining metrics, and finally what you can do if your blogging mental health suffers.

Let’s get started examining the causes and effects of poor blogging mental health.

Why Blogging Mental Health Suffers

Recently, my blogging mental health was challenged.

For months, I feared my blog metrics were falling.

When I went into analytics sites, I was afraid to see my metrics. I didn’t want a decrease in stats to bring down my morale, and it would.

I taught myself tricks in order to be able to go to websites, scroll down and avoid looking at the most important metrics, metrics that showed the quality of my blog, metrics sure to depress me.

More about tricks insecure bloggers play later.

This even held true for avoidance when it came to social media metrics like Instagram insights

Instagram has many advantages like these: but when metrics fall, so does my mood.

Why would metrics suddenly fall? Are you aware there was a major Google Core update in May of this year, 2022?

Many bloggers including myself saw their Google rankings fall and traffic decline.

I am not alone when it comes to challenges in online mental health.

If your blogging mental health suffers, you are in good company.

It has been in the news for some time that depression over low social media metrics can cause eating disorders.


One of the metrics that concerns me the most relates to link building. Google still sees the number of links pointing to a site as a testimonial of a quality blog.

As a result, Google gives priority SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings to those articles with links pointing to them.

Recently I went on vacation with my daughter. Before my trip, I was busy packing and preparing which left no time for link building. During our trip, I certainly didn’t work on link building. Once home, unpacking took my focus and I didn’t link build.

Three weeks without link building? Certainly time for panic.

So worried, I told my daughter about my fear.

Tricks Scared Bloggers Play

Do you play any of the blogger tricks that I play?

Earlier it was mentioned that I only focus my eyes on the scroll bar to the right of the screen rather than look at what might be disappointing metrics in the middle.

Also, bloggers intent on stalking their visitors and obsessing over their stats, hang out in the bathroom at social functions. This way, no one will know they are too worried about falling metrics to enjoy themselves.

You can stalk your blog visitors by going to Google Analytics.

This article has a happy ending. Are you ready?

Shock of all shocks, when I finally mustered the courage to check my metrics, my Domain Rating, Ahrefs metric indicating link success, went up!

Does your idea of dream blogging consist of worrying needlessly or not worrying at all?

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Is it better to drive yourself and worry needlessly or not worry and not have drive?

Here are details about the happy outcome regarding the boost in metrics:

I often blog about free social networking sites like these:

I had success with my post explaining how to get out of Facebook Jail.
Here is the post if you’d like to see:

Therefore, my business manager and husband Wayne suggested I write a post about how to get out of TikTok Jail.

The article continues to generate more traffic for me than the post about Facebook Jail!

Here is the post about TikTok Jail if you’d like to see it:

The post brings in 3% of my blog traffic and is currently my 7th best traffic generator.

Blogging Mental Health: FAQ

Is blogging good for mental health?

Blogging can be good if you focus on the joy blogging gives you and how rewarding it feels to help a community by providing tips. However, blogging can also be bad for mental health. For instance, if you suffer from blogger envy or obsess over falling metrics and let both bring down your mood.

How to Boost Your Blogging Mental Health

Working hard, and having drive, motivation, and momentum are important. You don’t get results hoping your metrics will rise.

However, having blogging insecurities to the point you’re preoccupied with concerns over low metrics isn’t good for your blogging mental health either.

How to Keep Your Blogging Mental Health Strong Method 1:

In closing, you should blog because of the good vibes you get from blogging.

If you blog for the reward of seeing the numbers rise, you’ll drive yourself crazy.

You should blog from the intrinsic reward of loving the activity.

If finding gratitude for the wonders of blogging is difficult when staring into the face of falling metrics, try reading these gratitude quotes.

How to Keep Your Blogging Mental Health Strong Method 2:

Remind yourself of your worth. Self-worth is more important than the quality of your blog.

Related Reading: If you need a reminder that you matter and not your blog metrics, check out this post:

Wrapping Up: Blogging Mental Health

In closing, by reading this post, you learned to have gratitude you are doing an activity you love and try to block out the “noise” telling you your worth is measured by your blog metrics.

You also read about why bloggers feel they have cause for depression. If they follow these strategies, they can focus on the activity and not the numbers.

Readers, please share so bloggers discover how to improve their blogging mental health.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you relate to struggling with blogging mental health when your stats fall?

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Janice Wald

Ryan Biddulph - August 14, 2022

Both awesome tips Janice. Thanks heaps for the shoutout.

Vibing high and knowing your worth can detach you some from outcomes. When we detach, we trust. When we trust, the outcomes move into form. Having a vision can help bloggers stay the course until succeeding without derailing themselves over inevitable day to day or week to week fluctuations in terms of metrics.

I never paid too much attention to stats unless nothing seemed to move the needle for months on end. If this was the case, I re-thought my blogging campaign. If not, I understood how all bloggers experienced droughts during the days of building their blogging foundation.

    Janice Wald - August 15, 2022

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for being the inspiration for the introduction to this post. I also appreciate your comments which explain that low stats are normal. They can be seasonal or affect bloggers mostly who are new.
    Thanks for commenting about blogging insecurities.

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