How to Get More Readers!

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Whether you’re new to writing or you’ve been doing it for years, your goal is always to have someone read your content. Imagine working hard, but it doesn’t get its well-deserved visibility. We can help cure that problem! There are a lot of free solutions that can instantly get you more readers to enjoy your content. Here are some tips to get you more readers and traffic to your website.

Create Catchy Headlines

Your headlines are the first thing your readers will see, so you better make it catchy. Based on your title, readers can get a sense of how your content will turn out, and your goal is to make them click your article. Research shows that headlines can boost blog traffic alone. In crafting your headlines, make sure to observe the following:

  • Write an irresistible title – what’s irresistible could mean a trending topic you know people won’t resist opening.
  • Trigger their curiosity – you don’t want to have a generic headline, because that won’t set you apart from other content. You want a caption that will pique the curiosity of people, but don’t make sure to give too much information. The point is you want to tease your potential readers in opening your article.
  • Numbered Headlines – this is perfect for the content which enumerates tips or steps. Numbered headlines help the reader manage their expectations.

Make Consistent Quality Content

Your content will make or break your number of readers. If you can’t consistently deliver quality content, then chances are you’ll lose your readers. It’s always better to create new content and deviate from your usual topics once in a while. Doing this will have your readers something to look forward too, and it shows that you are a flexible writer.

You might experience some problems in terms of brainstorming new topics all the time, but you can always start your brainstorm with what you want. You can write about unanswered questions, trending topics, among others. Once you’ve mastered the art of making quality content, your readers will always look forward to your next posts.

Write for Another Blog

Your fellow writers aren’t your competitors, and they’re your friends. Often, the key to gaining more traffic is by being visible in someone else’s content. You can reach out to your fellow writers and ask whether you can make a piece for them. Doing this helps suggests that you’re an expert in your niche, and new readers will know about you. You can return the favor to your fellow writer, and have them guest blog on your website as well.

Guest posting for another blog has many benefits like:

  • Expanding the reach of your audience
  • Promoting your content and blog
  • Building new relationships with the writing community

Link Your Content to Social Media Sites

One of the fastest ways to reach people at a time is through social media, and it’s a free way to get more readers. You can always share your content to your own social media channels, to have your friends and their friends read it. There’s a ton of social media platforms where you can share your content too, and all of them are free.

If you want to spend a bit, you can always promote your content through advertisements. Nearly all social media platforms allow you to advertise with them, and it’s a useful tool in reaching readers beyond your range. When you decide to promote, you need to commit yourself that your content is always worth a read.

Talk to Your Readers

Talk to your audience as if you’re having a real-life conversation with them. The best way to capture their attention is if they can relate to what you’re trying to say, by adding a personal touch. Instead of writing for a general audience, always start with a personal tone and imagine how you would feel if you were the readers. When you write and have your readers in mind, you’ll likely be able to come up with content that is persuasive, engaging, and personal.

Here are some questions to help you add that personal note

  • Will your reader relate to your content?
  • What will your reader feel while reading your content?
  • Does your content leave an added value to their life?
  • Will it help solve your readers’ problem?

Host a Podcast

Most writers also have a podcast, so that they can reach more audience. Not only do they have a steady base of readers, but they also have constant listeners. Starting a podcast might seem hard at first, but if you’re beginning, you’ll need to invest in the essential equipment: microphone and headphones. These two are your bread and butter, and you have to make sure they produce quality sounds.

You can talk about what you’ve written in your blog, and you can even expound on what you’ve written. You don’t have to speak for 10 minutes or more, and you can have short breaks. You can also consider hiring guest speakers, like experts, to make your listeners interested. Whether you’re delivering your message written or verbally, make sure it’s something interesting (check out Karaoke Bananza for more equipment reviews.)

Utilize SEO Optimization Tools

When you optimize your blog to be SEO friendly, then you’ll likely have more readers viewing your blogs. Utilizing SEO optimization tools lets your post be seen by many people, even outside your reach. The best part about using keywords is that it’s free, and you can do it yourself. Make sure to integrate all the keywords you’ve found in your content. Here’s how you utilize SEO tools:

  • Use keywords or keyword phrases which target your audience
  • Check what keyword searches are popular, and use these keywords on your website

Getting a lot of readers at a time is easy, especially if you follow the tips we’ve given you. Once you’ve got the hang of writing, you’ll start getting more readers for your content. Don’t forget, always talk to your audience and capture their attention.

Peter Nyiri