Is Social Media Real? What You Need to Know in 2022

What is TikTok plus?

During the last several years, the question, “Is social media real?” has been asked by filmmakers, politicians, teenagers, and Facebook employees, just to name a few.

The Netflix Documentary “The Social Dilemma” portrayed social media as brainwashing youth into believing, well, for lack of a better term, “fake news.”

Another teen in the film read her ears were too big by a mean classmate on social media, and she embraced this opinion as the gospel truth.

Let’s look at how social media sites answer the question, “Is social media real?”

Is Social Media Real?

Social media platforms moved into action to combat the inquiry into “Is social media real?”


For instance, YouTube stopped the downvote count. Only the video creator sees it.


Instagram in the last few years has had to ban likes in many countries since teenagers that make Instagram posts believe their content is quality based on the number of likes their content receives.

Instagram has many advantages as do all social media sites: they are fun and the creativity has no limitations.

Here are more advantages of Instagram:

Yet, creativity can become a problem.

Someone told me recently they refuse to use Instagram since the content is an illusion. Furthermore, if the content posted on Instagram is an illusion, all of Instagram is an illusion.

Is she right or wrong?

This post strives to support her position. Let’s see:

Many sad people post good vibes quotes like these so no one knows they are terribly sad inside.

Mental health professionals would tell them to count their blessings. Therefore, they post gratitude quotes like these Perhaps they’ll feel grateful and others will too.

However, their mood on social media worsens due to incidents like account suspensions. Here you will find reasons Instagrammers get their account banned:


Here you will find reasons Facebook users get their accounts banned:

Instagram: Additional Examples

In addition, people post fake Instagram posts. Here is more information: I even heard teachers teach students how to make fake Instagram posts so they know how to make real content when they are old enough.

Even the font used in Instagram and other social media content can be deceptive. Did you know there is a cursed text that is almost illegible yet surprisingly popular people put on Instagram? Here are examples if you want to see

Here you will find examples of more weird text:

Here are even more examples of crazy text:

People make it even harder to read the text they put on social media by typing upside down, backward, and sideways. Here are examples:

Even when people post fonts that are legible, they often plagiarize without giving source credit. Here you will find information about degrees of plagiarism and the consequences:


is social media real

We have talked about fonts and posts. Let’s discuss filters.

One of the main criticisms of Snapchat relates to the filters that twist teenagers’ concepts of reality. Here are examples and more details of Snapchat’s disadvantages:

Wrapping Up: Is Social Media Real?

In closing, are you waiting for me to share uplifting words about the reality of social media?

I can’t. I have none. Not even about obscure social media sites like MeWe. The comment section of these MeWe reviews show MeWe is problematic too.

You now have your answer. Is social media real? No.

However, if you use social media without blinders on, accepting of the situation that these are virtual worlds, you will enjoy and not be blindsided by the illusions of social media.

Readers, please share so readers know the illusory nature of social media.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you agree the answer to the question, “Is social media real?” is a resounding “no?”

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