December 12, 2021

12 Best Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas to Help End Writer’s Block in 2022

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In honor of New Year’s 2022, we bring you reviews of our recent best-performing lifestyle blog post ideas of 2021.

Reflection is not the main goal of this post. Writer’s Block is a frustrating condition that strikes even the best of writers.

End the stress. Use these lifestyle blog post ideas that helped me in 2021.

They can help you, too, in 2022.

Save this post as a resource. When you get stuck, you can get unstuck by pulling this out.

End Writer’s Block with Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

lifestyle blog post ideas

You can use these lifestyle blog post ideas on your blogs in 2022. You can apply the topics to any niche.

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail:
Since I was “jailed” for spamming, I shared how to solve the problem of being locked out of your account. The post brings me 1/4 of my traffic and has over 130 comments. Comments are filled with frustrated Facebook users.
Check it out:

I shared information about how to generate cursed text for Halloween and then realized people might want to share cursed text on social media all year round.
If you are interested, here are the free tools:

Since Facebook has disadvantages, people might want a Facebook alternative. Here are Facebook’s disadvantages that might make people leave:
A review of the MeWe social media site that took off to the tune of 1 million new members a week after the recent presidential election: Despite what you might be thinking, MeWe is not an obscure social media site.

Save time and download images and videos legally, ethically, and for free from Pinterest with these tools and methods:

Screenwriters might need to generate a random zipcode. Others that need a zipcode that don’t have one might need these tips:

Let’s hear more lifestyle blog post ideas.

Are you interested in using Reddit? Then check out the popular subreddits

After learning about the Pinterest downloader, I became interested in YouTube Shorts Downloader methods. Shorts are YouTube’s version of TikTok: short, vertical videos.
Here is the information about #Shorts:

People can use these custom Instagram stickers on Instagram or even offline. For instance, people make car covers with these custom stickers advertising their Instagram accounts.
Check out the info here:

I don’t buy crypto, but if you want to invest in cryptocurrency, let Reddit groups help you:

PosterMyWall is a versatile graphic design tool. The images are free and the pixels change for any social media site. The templates are versatile. Here is the information:

Bonus Review: Just like PosterMyWall is helpful for graphic design, Instasize is helpful for videos. Here is information about Instasize video, an app:

Wrapping Up: Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas
I hope you enjoyed my trip through memory lane on this New Year’s 2022.

In closing, these articles spanned the gamut of what you can write about on your own blogs in 2022: Social media, tools, and monetization, just to name three generic topics you can use.

Save this post as a resource if you ever encounter a brain freeze but you need to meet your publishing deadlines. Your readers depend on your consistent publishing.

Readers, please share these lifestyle blog post ideas so other bloggers don’t have Writer’s Block in 2022.

Were you familiar with any of these tools, websites, or methods reviewed in this post? Share your experiences in the comments section.

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