How to Turn off Business Account on Instagram in 5 Easy Steps

how to turn off business account on instagram
how to turn off business account on instagram

Do you use Instagram?

With over one billion followers, Instagram certainly is not an obscure social media site.

You should know that there are advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.

Instagram is a playground for creatives.

Maybe you just want to have fun and use Instagram as a hobby.

If you regret turning on your business account and need to know how to turn off business account on Instagram, stick around.

Why do you need to know how to turn off business account on Instagram?

When I started using Instagram, I was determined to use the social media platform as a way to grow my blogging business.

I heard Instagram was great for branding. Therefore, I started making custom Instagram stickers. I spent hours learning to master the Any Sticker app that allowed me to customize the message and hashtags. They are like bumper stickers you put on your Instagram stories.

Next, I tried to grow my follower count believing brands would offer me deals. Actually, some did. I got a few electronic tools for free and a free cashmere scarf.

One of the free electronic tools I got was Inssist, an Instagram story scheduler. The brand guaranteed I could keep the free premium tool which no longer works for me. They are very nice at Inssist, but now I need to take the time to contact them to complain.

I continued to study how to get Instagram follower cheat methods and even paid a social media manager to help me.

One of the methods I learned said to contact influencers about collaborating. I know how to tag on social media, but when I contacted them about a giveaway collaboration, no one responded.

There are more disadvantages to trying to grow organically on Instagram. For instance, deception goes on there.

For instance, brands know how to use a fake Instagram post generator in order to make themselves look more popular.

Growing on Instagram is so difficult, I read 50% of all brands pay to boost their content’s visibility. “Pay to play” is very much alive on Instagram. Even though I have made purchases from ads I found on Instagram, I was hoping for more organic methods of growth.

I even studied creepy text generator methods in hopes of capturing attention and standing out on the crowded site.

Frankly, if you want to grow organically on social media, TikTok is the best site in 2022. Here you will find organic how to grow on TikTok methods.

Finally, Instagram falsely suspends your account if you violate terms like using 3rd-party mass unfollow apps. That is why I was suspended. I used a free Instagram unfollow app. I was suspended each time I used one to try to unfollow mass amounts of people and had to reset my password each time which was annoying.

You also get suspended if you use hashtags considered inappropriate by the platform.

Then, you need to discover how to get unshadowbanned on Instagram. An Instagram shadowban means your account is suspended due to violations.

For all these reasons, perhaps you want to know how to turn off business account on Instagram and just have fun.

How to Enjoy Instagram

There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have on Instagram.

You can inspire.

Make beautiful quote graphics and place them on Instagram with hashtags like #ThankfulThursdayQuote on Thursdays.

Here you will find information on Thankful Thursday images:

You can amuse.

You can also make and place memes to amuse people. Do you like the TV show Pawn Stars? Here are instructions on how to make a Best I Can Do Is meme from the show.

You can boost self-esteem.

Use these You Matter Quotes as a resource to let people know “You Matter.” Implement these methods on Instagram.

You get the idea you don’t need to worry about using Instagram as a business if you are trying to grow your brand organically.

Are you ready to discover what you came for: how to turn off business account on Instagram?

How to Turn Off Business Account on Instagram

Go to your Instagram profile and click the 3 lines on the top right corner of the screen.

Click Settings

Click account.

Click Switch Account Type.

Click Switch to Personal Account.

When asked, click Switch to Personal Account again.

Would you rather watch a short demonstration of how to turn off business account on Instagram?

Wrapping Up: How to Turn Off Business Account on Instagram

In closing, this post told you why you might want to know how to turn off business account on Instagram, told you how to do it, and offered you a video tutorial.

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Janice Wald