New Year Marketing Ideas: 11 Ways to Engage in 2022

new year marketing ideas

Happy New Year 2022!

Did you prepare for 2022 by marketing your blog?

This post will share ideas that both market and brand your blog.

When you brand, you give your business positive associations. People remember you fondly come purchase time.

By reading this post, you get 11 New Year marketing ideas.

These strategies are great B2C (Business to Consumer) methods during the holidays and all year-round.

Let’s get started exploring New Year marketing ideas.

Since the pandemic is still a concern, people might be struggling emotionally, medically, and financially.

You can let people know that they matter to your company by following these tips developed by a researcher who has a You Matter program and a You Matter Monday program:

As an entrepreneur and marketer, you walk a fine line. If you market, per your job, you could come on too spammy. If you don’t market, you could starve.

New Year Marketing Ideas That Work

By spreading good vibes throughout the year, people remember your positivity when they need your product or service. Do you see how branding and marketing go together? You brand your business by putting positive associations about your company in people’s minds.

Follow these strategies to spread good vibes throughout the year:

Another strategy you could use to favorably brand your business is by using Thankful quotes.
For instance, you could use Thankful Thursday quotes and accompany them with graphics on Thursdays throughout the year. Consumers will remember your positivity. They’ll use it as an inspiration to be positive also.

Here are Thankful Thursday quotes you can use and graphics you can replicate:

You can remind people that life is beautiful on the six other days of the week as well. Use this list of Life is Beautiful quotes as a resource and bookmark:

Are you aware these are free strategies? You don’t need a marketing budget to spread positivity or make beautiful, uplifting graphics. Use these tools to make graphics with quotes on Instagram and other social media sites:

PosterMyWall is also a versatile graphic design tool that allows you to make graphics of all sizes for different social media sites. You will find a PosterMyWall tutorial and examples here:

The advantage of Instagram is many people post #inspirationalquotes. Make sure you use that hashtag and related hashtags like #PositiveQuotes #SuccessQuotes and #HappinessQuotes. You can read more about the advantages of Instagram here:

If you need a list of mainstream social media sites, you will find them here: You can put your graphics on all of them:

Now that you know what to do to brand your business and where to do it, let’s discuss how to make videos that can spread positivity in addition to the still images.

When I want to make a video, I enjoy using the Instasize app. Instasize offers easy to create videos with dynamic fonts and effects. You will find more information and a tutorial here:

When I already have clips of videos that I want to piece together, I use the Splice editing app. Splice is popular for its large free music library. Splice is also easy to use. Here you will find more information and a Splice app review:

If you try Splice and for any reason don’t like it, you’ll find Splice alternatives here:

You can put your videos on TikTok or YouTube to wish people well at the holidays and throughout the year. Make sure to jump on the trending hashtags at TikTok and use them with your videos to get your videos seen more easily.

You can also use YouTube to brand your business. In fact, I’ve made YouTube videos spreading positive vibes and wishing people Happy New Year. Use this action plan as your YouTube video idea generator.

Wrapping Up: New Year Marketing Ideas

In closing, this guide shared why you need to brand your business, how to brand your business with free tools, and where you can brand your business.

You could use these new year marketing ideas on your website or on social media.

Implement these tips for a more successful business in 2022.

Please share so marketers discover these New Year marketing ideas.

Janice Wald