August 4, 2021

5 Easy, Free Tips for New Bloggers

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Are you interested in tips for new bloggers? Would-be bloggers are often deterred, dissuaded, discouraged (choose one) from blogging. They need these tips for new bloggers. Did you know the ease of blogging is controversial? Some people claim blogging is so difficult, they could never master the tasks. Other people claim blogging is so easy […]

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Crypto – Blockchain Revolution: Bringing Change to the World of Finance

Crypto-Blockchain Revolution: Bringing Change to the World of Finance Banks have existed since the late 1700s and have been the go-to financial institution for generations. But like how they made barter trading obsolete, banks are currently facing what could very well bring their end. Cryptocurrencies, through blockchain technology, are gradually taking control of the world […]

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Understanding Blockchain

Understanding Blockchain: From Decentralization to Anonymity If you’ve heard of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, then you’ve surely heard about the technology that makes it all possible—blockchain. And in just a matter of years, this so-called digital ledger became synonymous with words like “decentralization” and “anonymity”, inspiring confidence among traders and businesses around the globe. […]

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