Binary Number Calculation – How It Works

binaryWell, I present a Binary calculator that performs arithmetic operations on binary numbers. Technically, it is made on the basis of a calculator. Mathematical calculator. It was made at the request of the user Arithmetic of binary numbers.

That’s all, actually – we enter the expression using binary numbers, the calculator parses it and gives the result.

By the numerous requests of users, I decided to combine the logic of calculators Arithmetic of binary numbers and converting of fractional numbers from one number system to another and make a universal calculator that can perform basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and raising to a power) on numbers in any number system. Continue reading

The Truth About Earning Income With Blogging

make moneyYesterday I was listening to some entrepreneurship podcasts, about 3 different shows.

Each host/guest was describing some big win they had related to sales. One was describing how she recently made 6 figures promoting an affiliate product, and another described how he made a X promoting his event launch.

Now, these kinds of stories are interesting, for sure.

But I noticed something really problematic that seemed to be a theme through each of these success stories. Continue reading

Your Why

Whenever you start on something I think it’s important to understand your Why. Many people tend to think that the Why is something external.

For example, if you’re reading this then you are thinking about starting or already have started an online business.

You might think your Why is to make money, but that isn’t a Why.

That’s a solid reason but if you wanted to make money then there are faster ways to make money.

Hell, you could stand on the street corner with a sign and a costume and start making money right now. Continue reading

New ThinkBalm Innovation Community video: “The Bridge”

Today we released a new ThinkBalm Innovation Community work product: a 5-minute machinima (video) demonstrating the concept and value of a 3D immersive situation room, or war room. A  ThinkBalm Innovation Community project team came up with the term “bridge” from the bridge on a ship. According to Wikipedia today, the bridge is an area or room from which the ship can be commanded.

The bridge is an immersive 3D space where decision makers and project team members can meet to view and interact with data, collaborate, and make business decisions. It can be the bridge between the physical world and the virtual world; an organization and the outside world; and where we are and where we want to go. It can be the bridge among people who need to collaborate across silos, cultures, languages.

Huge kudos to the following ThinkBalm Innovation Community members for their work on this project:

  • Actors: Ben Lindquist, Casey Carter, Leslie Ehle, Philippe Barreaud
  • Bikeybus digital models: Julien Borne
  • Green Phosphor data visualization tool: Ben Lindquist
  • Voting tool: Jeff Lowe
  • Location: Leslie Ehle
  • Concept development: Anders Gronstedt, Ben Lindquist, Donald Schwartz , Jeff Lowe, Leslie Ehle, Philippe Barreaud, and Sandy Adam

What makes a great Digital Marketer?

A good digital marketer is one who knows the basics of 11 modules of digital marketing —

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Google AdSense,
  • Web Analytics,
  • Online Reputation Management,
  • Copywriting,
  • Design,
  • Email Marketing,
  • SEO and
  • Pay Per Click.

An all-round working knowledge in all these 11 areas will make you a great digital marketer. The word ‘working’ makes a lot of sense here because we aren’t talking about just being aware of what is what, but a practical orientation of each module of digital marketing.

Practical orientation comes from practicing and doing live projects. It is important for a digital marketer to inculcate the habit of working on live projects, not do some dummy assignments which most of the digital institutes today do.

Dummy assignments will not take you anywhere. It’s the practical application of modules that will help you stand apart. A 360-degree digital marketer stands out of the crowd with additional skills in copywriting and designing.

Good is the enemy of great!

Jim Collins in his famous book ‘Good to Great’ emphasizes that good is the enemy of great and we all are just happy being called as ‘good’. Go a step further and make yourself ‘great’.

This is how you can do it.

Companies today are looking for digital marketers who have an in-depth knowledge of SEO/SEM tools and at the same time know how to write a captivating copy.

A great digital marketer writes his own copy, knows what exactly needs to be done, which tool to leverage, how to target right audience and within the budget.

Great digital marketers run their own business – meaning, they have their own approach. They don’t wait for anyone. When they arrive in the office, they have made their plan already for the day unless some major interruption kicks in. Nevertheless, great digital marketers are influencers in every meeting, for the contribute with their thoughts and actions.

Crafting a copy

This is one skill digital marketers must take it seriously. They cannot afford to depend on some copywriter or a novice marketing person. When I say crafting a copy, you should know these three things – how to write a captivating headline, how to write the first paragraph that captures the attention of the readers and how to put a nice photograph that pulls them into reading.

More than anything is the heading. The more you know the art of writing a good headline, the more are your chances of making good with your readers. Just Google to see how to write great titles. You will find a plethora of blogs/articles written on this subject already.

Design elements

While content is the king, design is the queen! Why? According to a recent survey done by Markiverse, people tend to look at the image first and then the heading. If I see a good image, I will read the heading. So take care of your design, put your creative hat, and use photographs that talk louder than words.

What works ideally is human images. Do not use vague images that don’t tell a story. Use images that talk to your readers, figuratively. Therefore, use smiling images when you are delivering some

motivating news. Try avoid group images because people do not really know whom to see.

Learn the hacks

A great digital marketer knows the hacks – be it SEO or SEM or Affiliate Marketing. Keep reading articles written by Neil Patel – you can learn a good number of hacks.

Ideally, a great digital marketer is distinguished in a way he/she carries digital marketing for the business. A great digital marketer is always independent and has his/her own digital marketing strategy well crafted to meet the business objectives.

We, at Markvierse, help our students to think and do independently – that’s why we call our courses as ‘360-degree digital marketing course’. If you wish to know more about course, write to me and I can guide you (absolutely free J)


Whether somebody calls you a good digital marketer or a great digital marketer, it should not have any bearing on you. What you should worry about is upskilling yourself. The more you focus on upskilling the more you will have an advantage over others and the more you will climb up the corporate ladder.

InstaMate 2.0 Review

Instamate-Instagram-Marketing-Software-Solution-ReviewWelcome to my InstaMate Review, an Instagram Marketing software created by Luke Maguire.

Instagramis an important channel to distribute your content.

I promise you, that this will be the most detailed and in-depth review of Instamate which you’ll find online. No fillers, no fluff.

My goal is to give you all the information you need to know to make your very own buying decision which will be based on real facts and not on some marketing hype which you usually get or see. Continue reading

Top 10 social media sites that will help your business in a big way

Many businesses just shy away from making their presence felt online. The reasons can be myriad, but new-age businesses need to be nimble and agile to capture new customers. With the help of social networking sites, any business can promote their services and products with ease and greater return on investments. Digital marketing revolution has begun and we all are in the digital ship sailing through the information tsunami.

Take any social networking site today, the plethora of content that we see is phenomenal. In this age of digital revolution, businesses need to be present everywhere – sort of omnipresence. But it is truly not possible to be present everywhere. All you need to do is pick and choose the social media sites that will make you a hit over time.

Look at these statistics – Facebook has over 1.2 daily active users all across the world, Twitter has over 313 million active users and LinkedIn over 450 million users. Come to think of it – if you making your present felt only on Facebook, for example, you will be promoting your product or service to the 1.2 billion people – which is almost the size of India’s population.

Let’s look at the top 10 social networking sites that you ought to be present.

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Pinterest
  6. Google Plus+
  7. Tumblr
  8. Instagram
  9. Reddit
  10. VK

And here are some big numbers that will probably convince you.


If you are not tapping at least 6 out of 10, then your business is at peril.

The Value of Paid Advertising

paid advertising

It was the peak time when we noticed the increase in number of project proposals our company was receiving.  We analysed all our tasks performed that lead us to such success. 60% of our project proposals were from various Paid Media solutions. By then we started using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and local directories. Campaign analysis has proved us that it is worth investing for the Paid Media. Paid media is one such medium, that may help us reach to larger volume of audience. I noted my observation this time. Unlike the organic campaign, it eased us to analyse every  prospect’s behaviour, every campaign activity. The best part is that we were able to execute multiple split tests.

So, here is the glimpse of how Paid Marketing actually benefit our team!

Be it Pay per click for Ad Words or the Facebook ads, declination in Facebook, the new Instagram algorithm, real-time nature of Twitter have engaged brands to invest in the paid media, to amplify content to right audience, who actually are seeking right information at right time.

When it comes to the organic-unpaid marketing, it retains its value and result only when it reaches to the audience in its reach. Just reaching the minimal of 2 to 3% of the followers, has showed the minimal impact. It doesn’t create the brand’s effectiveness.

By utilising high scale of targeting accuracy and analytical calibre, every social  media platform has built features that deliver against their business objectives. Paid marketing activities add the supporting value to the authorised media content to drive campaign results for enhanced reach.

Benefits of Paid Media Activity:

  • Optimised: The advertiser can set the target audience within specific segments, complete adjustments over the ad format, messaging strategy and also set frequency capping for his messages being delivered.
  • Scale: Paid marketing enables marketers to reach higher number of users who will re-visit site or serve the purpose of campaign.
  • High-level targeting: Retaining the engaged customers when luring the new fans for the business. Maintain the business consistency, High targeting capabilities to attain accurate audience to re-utilise their customer data to create lookalike audiences. For the product based-companies, third party data companies enable advertisers  target users in segment of  offline- buyers.
  • Bidding:Customised bid types to augment towards the variety of campaign objectives.
  • Optimisation: The optimisation of the paid media helps to gain a specific goal along with the reach , either to the social engagement or conversion.
  • Tracking: The pixel tracking capabilities is unique for every type of marketing, be it unpaid or paid marketing. The best thing about tracking is that, two or more tracking pixels can be embedded to single paid marketing campaign.
  • Analytics : After every marketing campaign, analytics not only help our paid marketing campaign tracking, but also deliver the efficiency to choose the best performing Paid Marketing to set up our strategy.

So though it is important to implement and nurture the site with organic search, it is equally important  to opt in for the Paid Media Marketing options. Paid marketing options like Google Adwords, PPC are the ones to be utilised with the focus factor to gain more visibility online. Adhering to avoid the black-hat Paid marketing techniques is an added advantage.


Yes, until you invest in your business in a smart way, you will not be convinced with my words!
So, how do you invest in a cost effective manner? Here are the few highlighting points that can step in now and see the change!

  • Always make  note of every detail you append within the campaigns.
  • Nourish the lists you build.
  • Automate to build, align and engage your email lists.
  • Automate your audience engagement workflow.
  • Adapt using the Google Adwords to its fullest, i.e integrating the offline email lists and workflows with online lists built.

Hope you enjoyed understanding my experience overview with Paid Marketing!  Learn more about Paid Marketing and its elements here.

Leveraging the resources of your business

Limited resources is what the startups have at sprouting stage. So, there is a particular stage that team consists only of Founders. Belittle, they do not tend to opt paid promotions. If the start up is all about the product, it’s necessary for the modern age start-ups to go ahead and also produce quality content about the product along with the ways to market it.

When it comes to services, the start ups need to have the fundamental group of audience who would take up their services. The alternative is to provide its target customers with some unique services, which no other might provide.
It is equally important to have diverse segment of people handling and managing complete business the main elements as Planning, Operations, Technology and marketing.
So, it is the need of the hour to analyse how much does each of the element contribute towards the business success?

United we stand, Divided we fall

So, how does this apply to the start ups?
When each of the element is executed, start up is making progress in the integrated aspects.


It is very much important for a start up to plan, prepare a strategy, analyse the strategy and also execute the plan. Planning is something which we do for a  short term and long term basis. Every segment of the start up needs to give their inputs for the planning in the initial stages.
Brainstorming the ideas during pre- planning would help to collect all the ideas.
Scheduling the ideas and collected plans during Planning phase helps the start ups to grow in the right direction.
When the plan is ready, it is important to first analyse before expelling it to the entire team.


Operations play vital role. These help the planning be sorted and are purposefully intended to manage the plan of action. These operations also need to adopt various techniques as testing which type of execution helps the best in its operations. Operations  needs to inculcate the marketing strategies too!


Technology team is spread-over the entire start up. These are supposed to come up with new ways of how the operations, promotions and marketing are carried off. Technology is to cater its orientation to the best use of new featured tools about how better and cost effective ways can be incorporated for the improving the execution pace.


Here is where the team represents the start up. Marketing team needs to receive support from the Planning, Operations and Technology team to serve their purpose better.  and then Boom! Branding starts off!

The key of success to pace up your propeller Planning by diversifying the time allotted for each of the above segment to enhance the execution. Every team with its respective execution is what is going to update the start up with successful step ups.

Hope you enjoyed our article, if so, do comment below your inputs.

Video Wave Pro Review & Product Tour

video waveVideo marketing is hot and there are even statistics that say, that within the next 1-2 years, more than 60% of traffic will come from videos. So if you’re not doing any kind of video marketing yourself, then you really should think about that.

Video Wave claims to be the one tool which lets you easily create stunning videos and get them ranked on YouTube as well as Google within a short time and with just a few clicks! But can they really deliver on their claim or is it just another big hyped up marketing slang they use to get your money? Keep on reading to get all the facts and find out the truth. Continue reading